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Our Philosophy

We believe that humanity is capable of being an environmentally healing force, respecting the balance of a natural ecosystem in perfect equilibrium. Therefore, Château de Sours brings nature, animals, and humans together to restore that balance.

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A modern and innovative vision

Even as the unique idea for Château de Sours was being conceived on a piece of paper, it was clear that certain parameters would inevitably need to be put in place to free it from the norms of traditional winemaking.

At Château de Sours, we like to ask ourselves questions that further our modern and innovative vision. It is this way of thinking that has enabled us to view the globality of the whole project, which, even today, is quite uncommon in the wine world.

We create an ecosystem where agroforestry, landscaping, animals, and vines coexist.
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Our sustainable and holistic approach respects the environment, people, and the soil in line with our plan for permaculture. We create an ecosystem where agroforestry, landscaping, animals, and vines coexist.

In the three years since we put our unique project on paper, rehabilitation, modernization, and hard work have brought the idea to life.

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The permaculture concept guides the new vision of Château de Sours. It is a holistic and technical approach built on three main pillars: people, land, and equal sharing of surplus. Permaculture elevates sustainability to a way of thinking, working, and living.

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Sustainable Approach

We take voluntary and progressive steps toward sustainable development, such as protecting biodiversity and managing fertilization and water resources.

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As a key element in our ecosystem, we bring animals in to complete a virtuous circle. Cows, pigs, hens, goats, and bees contribute to pollination, fertilization, and biodiversity.

A paradise of nature nurtured by trusted hands
The grounds terroir

The Grounds


Located between the Garonne and Gironde rivers, Château de Sours sits on a limestone plateau facing Saint-Emilion. The maritime climate has hot summers, rainy autumns, and mild winters moderated by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Stream.

The grounds vineyard

The Grounds


Producing some red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines, the 70 hectares vineyard of Château de Sours thrives on the interwoven benefits of permaculture. The quest for modernity and quality guarantees unique and qualitative wines.

The grounds gardens

The Grounds


Vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens not only bring beauty but also biodiversity and ecological benefits to the ecosystem we are creating.

The grounds agroforestry

The Grounds


Trees play an important role in the ecosystem, regulating water systems, protecting soil from erosion, and limiting wind effects. Château de Sours has invested a lot to develop agroforestry within the property.

The grounds farm

The Grounds


The Château includes animals in the natural equilibrium of the estate, including Scottish Highland cattle, Hungarian Mangalica pigs and henhouses of poultry.

The grounds apiary

The Grounds


Our beehives and bumblebees pollinate gardens, fruit trees, and vines as well as producing delicious honey.

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